Adding value to everyday life

Proviter Oy is an importing and marketing company whose high-quality and innovative consumer product brands have been part of daily life in Finland since 2005.

Proviter imports products that allow people to enjoy their lives free of pesky mosquitos and rodents. Our extensive retail network makes Thermacell mosquito control devices, Mosquito Magnet traps and Victor rodent traps easily available across Finland.

Our products

Thermacell really works.

Thermacell controls mosquitoes effectively over an area of around 20 m2. Three easy-to-use models that allow you to enjoy a mosquito-free summer.

Imagine a summer without mosquitos!

Mosquito Magnet is an ingenious method that keeps mosquitos and blackflies away effectively at both your home and cottage.

Mice and rats – stay out!

Victor is the world’s leading product series specializing in rodent control. Victor electronic rodent traps are a poison-free solution to your mouse and rat problem.